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Collection and analysis of  >900 scientific publications

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Scientific publications on antenna effects

List of scientific publications (Powerwatch site)

Epidemiological studies on base stations (antennas)

Cell phones and cancer (Dr. Carlo)

Mobile phone use and cancer (Dr. Kundi)

BioInitiative report

Cindy Sage about the BioInitiative report (video)

Neurosurgeon Dr. Khurana report

Review article on published studies (funding)

Wake up call, story of dr. H. Lai

Cell Phone War (trailer), with dr. George Carlo

Stop UMTS: research collection

EMF Portal publication database (+new studies)

NCBI Pub Med publication database (+new studies)

WHO EMF publication database

h.e.s.e. project UK - Nature

Base stations and health. Report by dr. Hyland

Article by Dr. Hyland in 'The Lancet'

Non-thermal biological effects of microwaves

Non-thermal biological effects

Biological effects of non-ionizing radiation

European REFLEX study (DNA)

Carcinogen., neurogen., genotoxic, immunodepr.

Evidence that EM radiation is genotoxic. dr. N. Cherry

Genotoxic effects, review article, Ruediger

Bees, birds and mankind, report of dr. Ulrich Warnke 

Mobile telephony radiation radiation on living organisms


International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS) with 'Benevento resolution'

Irish Doctors' Environmental Association



Verum foundation: EU Reflex project (DNA)

EM Radiation Research Trust

Russian National Committee on non-ionizing radiation protection (RNCNIRP)

Children and mobile phones (RNCNIRP)

Center for Electromagnetic Safety

Science and Public Policy Institute

EMR Policy Institute

Bioelectromagnetics Society 

h.e.s.e. project

h.e.s.e. project UK

Health Protection Agency

Independent expert group on mobile phones

Bioelectromagnetics Society

WHO: Electromagnetic Fields



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Dr. Carlo about EMF effects (video)

Dangers of Electromagnetic Smog (+ mechanisms)

Mechanism for action of oscillating electric field 

Insights into EMR interaction mechanisms

Biological effects of EMR, review article dr. Adey

Mechanisms linked to EMR exposure 

Genotoxic effects, review article, Ruediger

Wireless radiation (observations+mechanisms) 

Mechanisms (Ruzicka, Verschaeve, Williams)



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Beperk de Straling (Flanders)




Mikrowellensmog (Prof. Ruzicka)

Website of Bio.Ing. J-L. Guilmot

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EM weapons / mind control... 


Base station antenna sites Belgium (BIPT)

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Electromagnetic radiation

Electrosmog in the environment

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Information, Electromagnetic warfare

Mind control by cell phone

Microwave mind control

Bio-electromagnetic weapons

Article by prof. Persinger

Microwave auditory effect (Dr. Allan Frey)

Article of Dr. Allan Frey (see also above)

Russian research

Earthpulse (HAARP, mind control etc.)

HAARP and the European Parliament resolution

Russian State Duma concern about HAARP

or... HAARP as Auroral energy receiver ??

Electromagnetic warfare and global warming

T. Bearden website (true ??)

Scalar Wars (true ??)